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Computer Doctors minimum charge for any services is the applicable one hour labor rate. Payment for all services is due upon completion of work. All parts that are purchased from us carry a manufacturer’s warranty and depending on the part that could be 30 days to one-year. The parts warranty does not include any on-site service unless under a contractual agreement. Equipment delivered to our shop under the parts warranty will be replaced free of charge. Customer supplied parts are not warrantied under this program and labor charges will apply. KEEP YOUR RECEIPT—a copy of your receipt will be required for any warranty work. Computer Doctors makes every effort to ensure against data loss, but data backup is the responsibility of the customer and Computer Doctors is not responsible if data loss occurs. Computer Doctors is not responsible for damage caused by the repair process, normal wear and tear, or the age of the equipment. When an operating system reload is required and agreed upon Computer Doctors will reload the operating system that has a valid COA, install service packs and updated drivers and your data if available transferred to your hard drive to your documents folder. Desktop personalization, unique non-standard file set-up, and re-installation of programs are not included in our standard pricing. No warranty, expressed or implied is given for removal of viruses and spyware. Computer Doctors is not responsible for any consequential, special damages or loss of profits. Liability, if any, against Computer Doctors is limited in all events to actual costs of service charges paid. Items left over 30 days become the property of Computer Doctors. A fee of $35 is charged on all returned checks.